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Vacature Senior Software Engineer

Leiden - Referentie nr: 2735
As a senior software engineer you will help to ensure that our medical software is easy to use, has a great performance, is stable and can be easily installed and maintained. It also means maintaining and expanding our library for the 2D and 3D visualization of medical images, as well as seamlessly integrating a variety of deep learning models.

You will perform these tasks as part of a development/scrum team according to Agile principles. You will be interacting with Product Owners to understand the features we are building and work with the team on the design and implementation. Using the CI/CD pipeline your code will be automatically built and tested, but together with the testers on the team you will further help ensure the delivered product meets the stringent requirements needed in a medical market.

Projects to be worked
Currently Medis Software applications are desktop applications with some services. Written in QT/C++, with most of the application specific logic running on the user’s desktop. While a lot of the logic is available in shared libraries, the aim is to move to a service-based architecture. This will move some of the processing power from the user’s machine to the server (Think of zero footprint applications and scalability). We also want to be able to share this logic with different consumers, whether desktop, web, or partner platform/application. We are also expanding our techstack to include C#, .NET 5, Blazor especially for integrations.

What should stay on the client machine (for instance 2D, 3D visualization?) and what should run on the server. How can we re-use these services for different applications/consumers? Should we use the GPU, how can we optimise memory management. How can we make sub-sections available for consumers? These are just some of the questions we will be looking to answer on the <Platform/framework etc > project / team. We are in the process of defining the future architecture landscape from POCs to full implementation. If this is interest you let us know.

Also there are projects within the different medical domains (modalities).

Key responsibilities
Own and manage all the phases of the software development lifecycle (design, implementation, (automated) testing, deployment and validation support).
Be an active member of an Agile team and participate in all Agile ceremonies.
Specify requirements for software modules and products.
Design structure of software modules.
Application/Solution architecture experience will be considered a plus.
Implement software modules (coding).
Perform code reviews.
Develop automated test scripts for software modules.
Perform manual testing of software products.
Create process documentation related to software development.
Help solving customer problems or requests

Delivery of code according to the company standards, principles and adhering to the desired quality.
Conducting code-reviews for other team members code and providing meaningful, actionable feedback.
Listen and act on feedback given by team members on their own code and make improvements.
Ensure test coverage metrics are met when merging code
Ensuring their code does not break the application builds and/or automated tests and take action immediately when it happens.

Education, Experience
Bachelor or Master degree in engineering or computer science.
Experienced in object-oriented programming (design, and implementation) in both C++ (v14 or higher) and C#, plus scripting in Python.
Experience with implementing interactive solutions with Qt and Web technologies.
Knowledge of structured software development methodologies (Agile – Scrum).
Developed User Interfaces or other interactive software products.
Experience integrating with internal and third-party solutions.
Experience with CI/CD using tools like Jenkins and SVN.
Knowledge of UML, 3D visualization or DICOM is an asset.
Experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

We are a Leiden based company, located next to the Leiden Central Station. We offer an informal & stimulating work environment with innovating products and high societal relevance. In addition, we offer an attractive salary with good secondary conditions. We offer a visa-sponsorship for Netherlands based candidates.
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